Mission and vision


After selecting the most representative artworks of each artist, the Paul Duhem Foundation’s aim is to manage, conserve, study and evaluate original pieces (paintings, drawings, tapestries, sculptures,…), notes, photographs, archives and document relating to the works emanating from the La Pommeraie studio for drawing and painting and from elsewhere.

In particular, its mission is to:

  • keep an inventory and develop a database for the management and distribution of the artistic collections;
  • establish an optimal stock of pieces;
  • contribute to the recognition of the status of modern artists represented by the Foundation;
  • ensure the distribution and transmission of artworks as well as the international promotion of the artists;
  • conduct video interviews and create audio-visual portraits of the artists;
  • create individual and collective monographs of artists and exhibitions;
  • develop a document centre which is accessible to the public and to university researchers;
  • carry out pedagogical projects aimed at younger audiences (Belgian and French schools);
  • attract subsidies and sponsors to carry out projects.



Today, the Foundation focuses mainly on works emanating from La Pommeraie, but its long-term vision is to have an international perspective.

Unique on the Belgian cultural scene, the Foundation aims, eventually, to serve as a magnet for Belgian and foreign works of art, whether individual or emanating from other specialised studios. The Foundation would thus be perfectly able to respond to the needs of specialist artistic institutions which have proliferated extensively since the establishment of studios in the 1980s. Helping to establish artists on the international scene would allow the Foundation to avoid the unfortunate destruction of artwork due to lack of storage space, whether following the artist’s death or after the closure of a studio. This seems, unarguably, to be the ideal formula by which to tackle the needs of the art world.

For the purpose of realising its missions, the Paul Duhem Foundation is legally and economically wholly independent from the Centre La Pommeraie.