Julien TAMA


Julien Tama spent time at the psychiatric hospital Le Chêne aux Haies in Mons. He creates his pieces in the Atelier 13 workshop, which is a cultural space with numerous stakeholders, where artists who participate in Project 107 can meet to create their own work and pool and exchange expertise and information, and which reverberates throughout the region of Mons.

Atelier 13

Julien Tama paints on hessian, which costs him nothing.

Thanks to the support of Psyc’art he was able to exhibit his canvasses with other artists’ work for the first time. It was on that occasion that he became aware of his ability as an artist, in his own words, to ‘paint his madness’. Ever since then, his painting allows him to escape everyday life.

Exhibited within the framework of ‘Parallel Trajectories’ at the community arts centre in Tournai in 2016, this work was donated by André Delvigne to the Paul Duhem Foundation in 2017.