1961 Jemappes (BE) 

Annie Vairon. Who would have thought that this ‘small slip of a woman’ would produce such a colossal artwork? Colossal in the size of her sculptures, which are much larger than she is. Colossal in the quality of her work, in the confidence of her intrepid chiselling. Smiling, pleasing, she knows exactly what she wants when she starts sculpting and masters her message. On the basis of sketches, Anne carefully chooses the wood, which she works for weeks, sometimes months, without distraction: she sculpts, she applies the chisel to penetrate the wood, extract matter. Her great intelligence is in leaving large surfaces untouched, with absolute respect for the material.

Ms Vairon and the André Livémont care home have donated a number of sculptures to the Paul Duhem Foundation.

Bruno Gérard, 2017

Annie Vairon est tout menue, pourtant elle aime sculpter en grand. 

Pendant deux ou trois heures d’affilée, elle taille avec vigueur les bois durs, tels le chêne, par exemple. (…) Elle peut concevoir une oeuvre constituée de plusieurs pièces qu’elle assemble, ensuite. 

(Jacky Legge, « Annie-la-menue aux projets géants », in : Cell’Art Group, Edition Home André Livémont, Aubechies, 2009)