Artists’ Committee

The Paul Duhem Foundation established an Artists’ Committee to enhance its work. The opinion-giving Committee comprises French and Belgian art professionals and provides strategic advice to the Foundation with regard to its short, medium and long-term artistic and cultural policy.

The Artists’ Committee submits proposals and recommendations to the Paul Duhem Foundation (with regard to the Foundation’s identity, internet site, educational role, publications,…). It influences decisions on the curation and distribution of artworks in the collection as well as on the terms of acquisition (whether through donations, legacies, loans or purchases) of Belgian and foreign works of art. The Artists’ Committee is essential to the Foundation in its ongoing advisory role.

In addition to Jacques Clicheroux (day-to-day management), Bruno Gérard (studio administrator and facilitator), Robin Legge (manager of the collections), and Hugues Joly and Louis Poulain 
(artists at la Pommeraie), the members of the Artists’ Committee comprise:

Christophe Boulanger (curator attaché for art brut at Lille Métropole Musée d’art moderne, d’art contemporain et d’art brut, in Villeneuve-d’Ascq) ;

Marie-Françoise Bouttemy (curator and valuer at the  Château d’Hardelot, in Condette) ;

Baptiste Brun (teacher and researcher of history of modern art at l’Université Rennes 2 and co-founder of the Collective for the Examination of Art Brut, in Paris) ;

Arnout De Cleene (in charge of exhibitions and international projects, and research assistant at the Musée du Docteur Guislain, in Ghent) ;

Savine Faupin (chief curator of art brut at Lille Métropole Musée d’art moderne, d’art contemporain et d’art brut, in Villeneuve-d’Ascq) ;

Carine Fol (artistic director at CENTRALE for contemporary art, in Bruxelles) ;

Pascal Goffaux (member of the l’Association belge des critiques d’art (Belgian association of art critics), journalist  and broadcaster at the RTBF and professor of art criticism at the Haute École Galilée – Ihecs, à Bruxelles) ;

Yoon Hee Lamot (in charge of exhibitions, communication and international projects at Musée du Docteur Guislain, in Ghent) ;

Jacky Legge (in charge of visual arts at the Maison de la Culture de Tournai and curator at the Musée des Imaginaires et de Folklore de Tournai).

• Pascal Rigeade (director of the Musée de la Création franche, in Bègles)